About Us

We’ve been telling stories and helping companies and individuals do the same for decades. Our senior directors are award-winning former journalists, documentary-makers and TV producers who now use their skills to help you in the cut-throat world of business.

We’ll take you from complexity to clarity without dumbing down. We’ll help you to tell your story in a way that is engaging and inspiring, as well as informing. We can coach you for presentations, interviews, AGMs, video conferences or crisis management.

We’re guided by Einstein’s advice:

Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.

We work across all sectors but have a particular expertise in healthcare.


John Clare has an international reputation as an inspirational storytelling coach. He’s the author of ‘Storytelling: The Presenter’s Secret Weapon’. Maxine Mawhinney has spent her career telling TV news stories as a foreign correspondent, news anchor and interviewer. Now we can teach you to do it, too.

Presentation Skills

Are you missing the point of PowerPoint? You’re in good company. A well-crafted and rehearsed presentation, illustrated by clear slides, delivered with clarity and enthusiasm, is every employee’s dream. Sadly, for many it remains a dream. We can make it a reality.

Media Training

When we talk about the media, we mean Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Live as well as TV, radio and newspapers. We can show you what it’s like behind the scenes in a newsroom when your story drops, prepare you with realistic interviews, and give you and honest appraisal of your skill level.

Message Development

Sometimes, you’re too close to something to see it clearly. You’ve nurtured it, developed it and know everything there is to know about it. You’re also emotionally invested in it. That’s great. However, it doesn’t make you the best person to describe it briefly and dispassionately, or to judge how your story will play with other people. That’s where we come in.

Moderating and Hosting

Meetings need moderators. A skilled moderator provides focus, direction, interactivity and ensures the meeting stays on track and on time. That’s what our expert team offer you. We’re vastly experienced at moderating and hosting meetings of all sizes in all sectors. We can host your panel discussions, interview your executives live on stage, facilitate the audience Q&A and keep your event moving with energy, enthusiasm and humour.

Executive Women Coaching

Our director Maxine Mawhinney specialises in one-to-one coaching of executive women. She brings her decades of experience in front of the TV news cameras into the boardroom. She can show you skills and teach techniques that can improve female presentation style and image.

Crisis Management & Preparation

A crisis is a defining moment for your company. It can cost lives, jobs, executive careers, sales and reputation. Your executive team, your communicators and front-line staff need to know how to handle it, and we can teach them. We’ve been on both sides of crises, as journalists or corporate advisers, for decades. We’ll help you develop your Crisis Management Plan (which we suggest you call something else), test it with realistic scenarios.

Healthcare Speciality

Healthcare is different. The way medicines are developed, tested, regulated and marketed is a complex world. It’s not only the procedures that are tightly governed – what you can say, to whom and in what circumstances is subject to the strictest regulations