Performing through the Lens

With Maxine Mawhinney

We are offering a unique opportunity to work with former BBC TV News presenter Maxine Mawhinney so that your online meetings and presentations will be as dynamic and interactive as they are face-to-face.

Maxine is a well-known face to BBC TV and BBC World viewers, with more than 20 years’ experience as a live news anchor. Before that she was a TV correspondent in Washington and Asia.

She is also familiar with the healthcare world as she is a Senior Faculty member at the Karolinska Institute University Hospital, Stockholm. Maxine has given two TedX talks and has hosted many pharma conferences including the EFPIA annual conference for the last two years.
She will teach you, your colleagues or clients how to talk to cameras and microphones in a professional way. Her training is inspiring, interactive and relevant.

Maxine will pass on the tips and techniques that live presenters use and get you to practise them on your own material. In one 90-minute session she will take you to a new level of confidence and competence. By the end your confidence will soar and you will leave the session camera-ready.