Storytelling and Presenting

With John Clare

John has spent his life as a communicator. He’s been a journalist, a documentary maker, an author and for nearly 30 years a communication consultant to pharmaceutical, biotech and vaccines companies.  He has worked with many of the industry leaders over that time, helping them develop, deliver and defend their ideas, products and companies.

John’s expertise is now available to you, your teams and clients online.   It can be live or recorded.  He will produce videos specifically for you so your colleagues can watch in their own time. This is a great option for people in different time zones.

These videos form the basis of our programme of blended learning, where the recorded videos are followed by live webinars where you put John’s techniques into practice on your company material, and get his expert feedback.

Using his long experience in the healthcare world, John can take you on the journey from complexity to clarity. Using his techniques you will move on from dumping data and reading slides to engaging and inspiring your audiences as well as informing them.