Our Clients

We’re passionate about storytelling. We also love a quote from Aesop, the man whose fables are still entrancing audiences 2,500 years after he first told them.

‘A man is known by the company he keeps.’

– Aesop

Of course, if he’d been around today he would have said the same thing about women.

We’ve been keeping some pretty exalted company in the 25+ years of our existence, and we like to think that says a lot about us, our offering and our way of working. That company includes some of the biggest names in the business world such as Johnson&Johnson, American Express, Pfizer, Facebook, Shell, De Beers, GSK and Bayer.

But we’ve also worked with many small companies you’ve never heard of. We help them pitch to VCs or investors, and coach their CEOs and CFOs for crucial meetings.

We’d love to spend some time in your company.