Media Training

All our senior people are ex-journalists, and our director Maxine Mawhinney still is. That’s important because, just as you wouldn’t want a doctor treating you whose knowledge was 20 years out of date, you don’t want out-of-date advice and techniques when you’re preparing to face the 21st century media.

When we talk about the media, we mean Twitter, YouTube and Facebook Live as well as TV, radio and newspapers. We can show you what it’s like behind the scenes in a newsroom when your story drops, prepare you with realistic interviews, and give you and honest appraisal of your skill level. We can prepare you or your spokespeople to tell their story clearly in a way that resonates with different types of journalists – whether national, international, local, on TV or on line. We can also help them prepare for tough questions, so they won’t end up like the UK Defence Secretary:

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