Message Development

Sometimes, you’re too close to something to see it clearly. You’ve nurtured it, developed it and know everything there is to know about it. You’re also emotionally invested in it. That’s great. However, it doesn’t make you the best person to describe it briefly and dispassionately, or to judge how your story will play with other people. That’s where we come in.

Chief Executive John Clare has been helping people distill their story for 40 years. Back when he was a TV journalist, he developed what he called the Nutshell Method. He’d interview someone and say, ‘In a nutshell, is this what you’re telling me…??’ They’d often agree, and he’d reshoot the interview, with the new improved version standing a better chance of getting on air. Now our expert team brings the Nutshell Method to your narrative.

We like nothing more than taking a complex story and working with you to simplify it, without dumbing down or losing the accuracy. When we’ve agreed what it is, we’ll get you to test it, verbally, in different situations – face to face, on a video link, on a teleconference – to see how it looks and sounds. Then we’ll coach you in handling questions and objections to it, so when you take it out into the real world, you can be confident it’s going to fly.

You’re the expert in your business, product or story. We’re the experts in communicating it. Together we make a great team.