Presentation Skills

Are you missing the point of PowerPoint? You’re in good company. A well-crafted and rehearsed presentation, illustrated by clear slides, delivered with clarity and enthusiasm, is every employee’s dream. Sadly, for many it remains a dream. We can make it a reality.

We can take your presentation skills from good to great. We’ll get you to stop reading slides, make your point and be clear about what you want the audience to do next. And you’ll be memorable. Our director Maxine Mawhinney brings her decades of TV experience to help your stage presence, voice and presenting style. She has a great reputation in helping female executives. We’ll put you on the video camera and analyse your presentation in ways you haven’t seen before.

We’ll show you how rhetorical techniques from the Ancient Greeks can help you connect with your 21st century audience, and what you can learn from great storytellers like Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill and JFK. Then we’ll help you pull all that together with our personal coaching and video analysis.

But there’s a wider benefit. Verbal communication skills are key to success in life, let alone business. We regard presentations as just one type of verbal communication, so the benefits of our courses are far wider than when you step on stage. So once you’ve been through our hands, you’ll have all the tools to improve your general communication skills.