John Clare has an international reputation as an inspirational storytelling coach. He’s the author of ‘Storytelling: The Presenter’s Secret Weapon’. Maxine Mawhinney has spent her career telling TV news stories as a foreign correspondent, news anchor and interviewer. Now we can teach you to do it, too.

Together with our expert team, we’ll give you techniques that work, and help you to put them into practice with your own organisation’s narrative. We’ll teach you about the power of the personal, memorable moments, the problem with ‘And…and…and…’ and why stories set off parts of the brain untouched by facts and data.

We’ll show you how rhetorical techniques from the Ancient Greeks can help you connect with your 21st century audience, and what you can learn from great storytellers like Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill and JFK. Then we’ll help you pull all that together with our personal coaching and video analysis.

Our training is based on John Clare’s book: Storytelling, The Presenter’s Secret Weapon